ft. "Obviously having a world class facility was one of my goals when I started the program. (Photo by Brandon McDermott). Anderson came to Midland with a world-class resume already established. Midland University Powerlifting. The size of the roster has grown and with Anderson’s help the team has gotten much better in a very short time. They’ll get a chance to represent Nebraska and the country as they are going to be competing in the World’s Collegiate Cup next week in Estonia. (Photo by Brandon McDermott). ft. Anderson says with 60 athletes the team grew out of it in just two years. This is the official page for the Powerlifting Team. Men's Wrestling. "When we first (started) at Midland, people were like ‘Powerlifting is a sport? "> , deadlift with a lift of 307.5 kg (678 lbs), New Husker athletic director promises 'low-key' but passionate management style, Huskers Hire Riley As New Head Football Coach, Osborne, sportscaster reflect on ex-coach's term as athletic director, Pelini out as Nebraska head football coach. Jodel Patino was on that first team three years ago. Henry Diers, a junior powerlifter from Omaha, echoes Patino when it comes to what Anderson has done for the program in three short years. ©2018 by Midland University Powerlifting. Midland University won both the men's and women's raw titles at the 2019 USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals. Patino says Coach Anderson has helped the team grow and understand what it takes to be winner day in and day out. Lifter Samantha Jayes practices the bench press at Midland. He also holds the IPF Masters and Open World Bench records and holds multiple American records. "Now everyone knows our name on the campus.". First Name * The Midland University Powerlifting Team is a Collegiate Varsity Team dedicated to winning USA Powerlifting Nationals Championships, growing young athletes, and providing a superior environment for our athletes to excel both in and out of the classroom. The Midland Shop allows you to customize Midland clothing for every type of Warriors fan. In 2018, they took on those big schools – all of them – at the USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals in College Station, Texas. Other. Track and Field. Powerlifting teams from all over the world competed in the competition. Now, you can add Midland University’s powerlifting program to that list – not just for its aspirations, but its accomplishments. Midland University Powerlifting is a globally recognized program with athletes that have been invited to the 2019 IPF World University Cup in Estonia. Not only are they getting a bigger space – but there also getting first class Eleiko equipment. Jodel Patino (standing) talks with head lifting coach Tim Anderson (sitting) about that day's practice. “You don't come in for an hour and train and then leave," Diers said. A compilation of all four days of the instagram series I did for Midland University's Powerlifting Team at Collegiate Nationals 2019. FREMONT, Neb. The success of the Midland University powerlifting teams has earned the Warriors a chance to compete at the international level. The Midland University men’s powerlifting team won the 2019 University World Cup in Tartu, Estonia. With just three seasons under its belt, Midland University Powerlifting has established itself as a national powerhouse — earning Men’s and Women’s National Championships at the 2019 USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals. It was the athletic director asking him to coach the newly created powerlifting program. She’ll be a grad assistant coach next year. The current facility is about 2,400 sq. Zawilinski will be working with both the men's and women's teams. Sports. The roster at Midland has lifters from all over: Nebraska, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and California. Justin graduated in 2008 from Saginaw Valley State University with a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education and a minor in athletic coaching and psychology. The women's team placed in 5th place. Vehicles not displaying the proper permit and those parked improperly will be ticketed and fined $25. Show Choir. Midland University Recruiting Questionnaire. Powerlifting teams from all over the world competed in the competition. With all this success, the team is also getting new digs. In just three seasons, Anderson has coached the Warriors men’s and women’s programs to three national titles and has produced 11 individual champions. Midland University Home Powerlifting Meet - Duration: 17:41. Midland issues color-coded parking permits to students, faculty and staff. "I mean we're getting some kids to school that like wouldn't go to school normally because we do offer to pay for parts of their college," Diers said. Midland lifter Austin Perkins won the Best Lifter of the entire tournament, breaking two collegiate world records in the squat and deadlift. The success has gotten the attention of people around Fremont and also the attention of other schools around the country. ADRIAN — In October, a Lenawee Christian School sophomore became a national champion powerlifter when he deadlifted almost three times his weight.Cole Gallant, who has since turned 16, has only been powerlifting for a year and weightlifting for two years. "It’s kind of like a thing you do all day. These are back-to-back National Championships for the Men’s team and is the first national title for the Women’s. The Warriors are in their inaugural season as a collegiate powerlifting team. Anderson led the USA World Bench Press Team to 12 team awards at international events in the past four years. (Photo by Brandon McDermott), Brandon McDermott, NET News