Ooni Ogunwusi wants positive prophesies for Nigeria, vows to live for God, serve humanity and care for the poor

Ooni Ogunwusi wants positive prophesies for Nigeria, vows to live for God, serve humanity and care for the poor
November 26, 2017 Ooni's Palace
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Arole Oduduwa and Ooni of Ife, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II has asked the Nigerian spiritualists across religious divide to always remember Nigeria in prayers and always make positive prophecies about the country, saying the problems being faced by the country are not too much for God to permanently solve.

Ooni Ogunwusi said this on Sunday while addressing the congregation of the Shilonite Gospel Church of Christ of Cherubim and Seraphim, Audley Road in Birmingham, UK.

He admonished parents to always talk positively into the lives of their children to be successful in life, saying there is power in the tongue. He urged members of the church to emulate Pastor Esther Ajayi of Love of Christ Generation Church C&S, London who he called an epitome Godliness.

“In the beginning was  word and the word was with God and the world was God. This word is being spoken today through the ability of our tongues.

“How often do you say good things or bad with your tongue? Power lies in your tongue. Always profess positively into the  lives of your children even when they wrong you”

“There are millions of unseen spirits around us every day. Always say good things about Nigeria. Things like “Nigeria is great” “God bless Nigeria” etc.

“Look at Pastor Esther Ajayi (Iya Adura) here, Her lifestyle represents happiness, kindness and love. She is  always smiling and showing love to people. She is indeed an epitome of Godliness”. Ooni said.

In the same vein, the Spiritual leader of Yorubaland had earlier in America vowed to spend the rest of his life glorifying God, serve the humanity and care for the poor people in the society.

He made the vow penultimate Sunday 19th November 2017 while worshiping with the  members of the International Christian Center (ICC) located on Chadron Avenue in Hawthorne, California 90250 saying it is sacrilegious to do otherwise.

“vanity upon vanity! You become very rich and you can’t care for the poor, vanity upon vanity! You become so influential in the society and you can’t bow to God Almighty, vanity upon vanity! “.

“We die every day. The moment you go asleep, you don’t remember all what you think you have that pushes to be so arrogant to God and callous to your fellow human beings until you wake up the next morning. This is exactly what happens when you finally die and God can take your life anytime. Vanity upon vanity! Care for the needy because your wealth means nothing to God if it is not for the benefit of the poor, “.

The king admonished members to always avoid any act that doesn’t reflect Godliness in their lives, saying God is the greatest being to whom everything and everyone must bow.

“everything and everyone irrespective of who you are must bow to the name of God who is our only creator. He doesn’t need our money, he doesn’t need our food, he only needs our total submission. As for me, I have vowed to live the rest of my life to glorify God, serve the humanity and care for the poor because he has been so wonderful in my life. That’s why I will forever bow to him in praises”. Ooni declared.

The founder of the church, Pastor Oladipo Kalejaye said the church was so excited to host the Ooni calling him the king of love and peace who is well loved by all and sundry. The pastor prayed for him and the other monarchs that accompanied him reading from Psalm 22 in the Bible.

“Your Majesty, people love you, seeing you here today, I now know why people love you so much.  I have read about you and listened to your speeches a lot, something keeps reoccurring in your speeches, love! love! love! You are truly a king of love and peace.”

The world renowned American Clergy, Bishop Charles E. Blake of the West Angeles Church Of God In Christ had earlier same day during the first service received the Foremost African monarch and entourage who had come to worship at the church Cathedral, 3600 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. Bishop Blake praised Ooni Ogunwusi for his gospel of love, unity and peace that has been taking him around the world. He said the black race is so lucky to have been blessed with such a great leader who has always demonstrated all the qualities God wants to see in a leader.

“Brethrens, there is a very big global personality in our midst this morning, I have heard about him and I have read about him, even if you have not heard about him, his movement as he walked into this big Cathedral today, you all knew  somebody very special has joined us to worship”. Bishop Blake announced.

The two church services had been planned to officially climax the one week working visit of the Ooni to the State of California in USA which witnessed series of activities organized by the HAPA Awards Group led by Tina Weisinger and Silicon Valley – NED led by Chief Temitope Ajayi.

The activities were Business Interactive Session with some Silicon Valley investors at the Governor’s office in Sacramento, Business Roundtable with Ooni at Woodland Hills, visits to the Hollywood High School, Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards, discussion of “Integrating the Black Diaspora at the California state University, Business meeting with Merrill Lynch & Bank of America, Omo Yoruba Grand Reception Night, Thanksgivings at the church and others.

Ooni Ogunwusi and entourage left the Los Angeles Airport Monday evening and arrived at the Heathrow airport in London, UK on Tuesday morning joyfully received by scores of Nigerians and Caribbeans led by Pastor Esther Ajayi of Esther Ajayi Foundation and the Jamaican born Marcia McLaughlin of Phoenix Newspapers with dances and songs.