Visit Ile-Ife

Tourism is important; it is one economic sector that Nigeria, as an entity, and Nigerians as a people, have not come to terms with, in relations to its economic indispensability. Tourism is a movement; it deals with movement of the people and its attendant’s economic implications.

People need to come to Ile Ife, as there are too many mysteries in Ife land to be marvelled .

In turn, this will generate an enormous range of benefits. Primarily it will enable an untapped lucrative source of income for the local economies and allow wealth to be injected into a community in a variety of ways. The great benefit of this industry is that it’s extremely labor intensive, and therefore will be a propeller of job creation.  It will give rise to many small businesses and micro operators. This means that every Naira coming into the industry is felt quickly by business owners and staff, and is directly related to a boost in local spending.

This is some of the impacts and efforts of tourism.  If we have positive movement in the area of tourism, it will empower a lot of youths and give rise to increased spending in the community and encourage diversification.

The tourism guards are busy cleaning up and beautifying Ile–Ife.  The undoubting serenity will surely make many fall in love with the town and tell others to come and visit.

In Ile- Ife alone, the assets are many and multifarious. Ile- Ife is the cradle of mankind and is the source.  It is not only historical, it is also ancient. That alone is immeasurable and incomparable asset.  The potential for Ile- Ife as a tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors is immense.

Ife has the Tower of Babel, harbours the Noah’s Ark, the artifacts, historical and spiritual centres, the Ifa Temple, the first stone cobbled road, the Opa Oranmiyan and all the ancients groves of creation and the House of all the crowns of all Yoruba Obas.

These are just for Ife as a city. But when we are talking of Ile–Ife as a tourism zone, it is about the Yoruba land. It is about any territory that is occupied by the scion of Oduduwa. It is another movement which all of us must be part of it to liberate our people.

In addition to bringing prosperity to an economy, tourism will allow for the economy to develop a new form of income.  It is because of this and the impact that tourism will also have on developing and improving infrastructure, that we must embrace the evolution of tourism in Ile-Ife.

Ile – Ife wants to share its pride, history, and cultural heritage with everybody.  As we maintain our traditions and culture, we will showcase it for all the visitors. Giving all a wonderful insight into the local ways of life.

Come be part of the movement, Come visit Ile-Ife, Come partner with us.