Olokun, The Goddess Of Ocean A Great Mystery Of God. – Ooni.

Olokun, The Goddess Of Ocean A Great Mystery Of God. – Ooni.
June 1, 2016 Ooni's Palace
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The Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II has described the ancient shrine of Olokun in Ile IFE as one of the greatest mysteries of God.

Ooni Ogunwusi stated this at the just concluded annual Olokun traditional festival held at the shrine located on Olokun street, Oke-Atan area of  Ile-Ife globally accepted to be the cradle of Yoruba race. He explained Olokun as one of the 401 deities sent by Olodumare to occupy the pre-genesis esoteric world and  Oduduwa’s  stupendously rich wife was and still remains the Goddess of the ocean that must be showcased to the world for the establishment of truth about the creation of mankind and tourist-economic potentials.

“In the beginning before the creation of man, God had sent 401 of his angels with different assignments unto the earth to form the very first society called pre-geneworld also known as IFE OODAYE.  Olokun was among the angels who are today Yoruba across the world, she was assigned to function as the Goddess of the sea, she lived both spiritually and physically as a very wealthy wife of Oduduwa who was the god of prayers. God created both the heaven and the earth which included the oceans  in His mysterious way, the ocean as one of His greatest mystery’s, which is the revelation of His spirit via “Olokun” which literarily means “the one who owns the sea” or the “Goddess of the sea”.

Ooni Ogunwusi also said that God almighty left different signs in Ile-Ife to confirm our belief that the town is the source of all creation with the Olokun shrine where the mysterious Olokun Well is located from where she  transformed into the Oceans as one of the esoteric signs  we see today that must be globally celebrated.  He identified Olokun as very beautiful, hardworking, rich, generous and famous. Olokun  was always adorned in precious stones and ornaments during her time as a physical  being on earth. He cited the precious stones and ornaments still being discovered in the seas today as part of the various ornaments she owned while physically on earth.

The event also witnessed by all the Kingmakers and other Chiefs was climaxed with the special prayers  offered by the Monarch  by the side of the mysterious Well, for peace, and progress of Ife and the black race to the admiration thousands of people in attendance at the festival.