Ife Grand Resorts & Leisure, Osun State

Ife Grand Resorts & Leisure, Osun State
February 21, 2018 Ooni's Palace
In News, Palace Journal

The new resort built on 252 hectares of land will have 300 rooms, a 5,000 seater conference hall  and a mini stadium with all the sporting facilities.  Facilities included a Childrens theme park,  Jungle Experience park (Igbo Olodumare). Natural habitat zone for Animals, an  18 hole golf course , an African village and tree houses.  All built with  indigenous materials from Nigeria.

Ife Grand Resorts & Leisure is  situated at a lovely location, just as you drive into Ile-Ife,  where modernity meets an African rural setting. If you are driving into Ife from the Ibadan, the sprawling resort can be seen with a birds eye view, displaying all its grand splendor. To the right-hand side of the highway, you can see the white structures, all bungalows, built in chalet format. Everything you see at this resort, enforces the closeness to nature. All the palm trees, cocoa trees and natural vegetation have remained untouched and the natural habitat remains intact.

The resort is divided into about 5 major parts, namely: The Arrival and Reception area, the Bar/Platform area, the African Village where you have 50 African huts, with thatched roofs hung on trees named after all the Oonis of Ife, the deluxes/presidential suites, the sporting arena, the Igbo Olodumare, the Conference Centre/Events Hall, and the Car park area all interwoven.

All the streets inside the resort are named after popular Yoruba towns and areas like Oyo Street, Ijebu Street, Ogbomosho Street, Isale Eko Street. Additionally . close to 100 artisans like plumbers, welders, electricians, carpenters, kitchen staff  are locals, from Ile-Ife.