Olojo Festival

Olojo Festival
October 13, 2016 Ooni's Palace
In Palace Journal

The annual Olojo festival   commences with a traditional exhibition and sporting activities as part of activities, at the Ooni’s Palace, Enuwa Sq,  in Ile-Ife.

Ooni Ogunwusi’s first Olojo festival  was October 13th 2016, after his ascension to the throne of his ancestors, in December 2015.

The Olojo festival is where the Ooni of   Ife ( king of Ile-Ife) separates himself from the people to cleanse his palace and himself of all evil forces, (period of seclusion) after which he leads his people to the Oke Mogun shrine where he renews his vows as king. The week long annual event is meant to celebrate the creation of the universe.

It will climax with the wearing of special beaded crown, worn once, annually and  only by Ooni of Ife , known as the sacred Aare Crown and the symbolic walk from Ile Oodua, the Ooni’s palace to Oke Mogun.


The Olojo festival is one of the oldest festivals in Ile-Ife and celebrated all over Yorubaland as Ogun, the god of iron and other gods and goddesses.

The Olojo festival commemorates the descent of Oduduwa unto Ile-Ife , it is the celebration of the first dawn, the first afternoon and the first night in creation which is only celebrated in land of expansion, Ile-Ife.

The appearance of the new dawn is what Olojo basically signifies as the day of creation and references can be sighted from evolution in science and the holy books – Quran and Bible where the creation of human existence started as cradle of mankind.