Olojo Festival 2021

Olojo Festival 2021
September 25, 2021 Ooni's Palace
In News, Palace Journal

Anchoring the mantle of the Olojo festival is a sacred clarion call to which I have yielded unashamedly. Olojo remains an inspiring spiritual noble cause and a priceless inestimable gift to the world from Eledumare.

The mission of the re-unification of Oduduwa descendants through Olojo festival has been one of the herculean tasks that my forbears set before me.

My sixth Olojo festival where I adorned the sacred oldest crown of Oduduwa was heroic, pivotal and compelling moment as it comes with boundless blessings of the restoration of the glory of Oduduwa descendants, Nigeria, Africa and the black race.

Through the authority of my Ancestors, I speak blessings of life, health and peace into you all and into our nation.