Ooni of Ife , at Silicon Valley, Bank of America, canvases support for Nigerians and Africa

Ooni of Ife , at Silicon Valley, Bank of America, canvases support for Nigerians and Africa
November 13, 2017 Ooni's Palace
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The Arole Oduduwa and Ooni of Ife, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II last week held talks with major business structures in the State of California with a mission to woo them for the economic advancement of Nigeria and Africa at large.

The Foremost African monarch who was in California on a week working visit began the activities of his visit with a business interactive session with the State government officials and major stakeholders of Silicon Valley at the Senate chamber of the Capitol in Sacramento, CA co-hosted by Silicon Valley Nigeria Economic Development SV-NED Inc and African Technology Foundation Mr Stephen Ozoigbo.

Presenting the visiting Ooni and entourage including some Yoruba notable Traditional Rulers at the meeting attended by representatives of Stanford University, Cisco, IBM, Tesla Motors Intel and some private investors, the CEO of Silicon Valley  NED, Chief  Temitope Ajayi described him as an uncommon leader who pays little attention to his fame but more focused on the unification and economic progress of Yoruba race, Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

“Fame and fortune is just an illusion it’s not the solution. The legacy is what we want to be remembered for. We should focus more on the economic development of our people. That is why he is here to bridge the economic link between Silicon Valley and the Kingdom of Ife through ecosystem. We need your help in Africa. There is so much intellectual properties in Africa, there’s so much human resources, first class brains, all we need  is your help to tap them”.

“I decided to bring my father here because of his passion for development especially in Agriculture and youth development. There is  something peculiar about him, he is our number one monarch in Yorubaland. I always see him with millions of people, widows today, youths tomorrow, less privileged children next day He is indeed for the masses”. Temitope Ajayi said.

The Ajero of Ijero-Ekiti, HRM Oba Joseph Adewole urged California government to support Nigeria with the establishment of small units of solar energy to take care of local communities.

In his speech, the         Co-Chairman of Nigeria Council of Traditional Rulers explained the importance of State of California as the sixth biggest economy in the world with the Silicon Valley which is the 8th technology wonder of the world as reason for his visit aimed at strengthening the capacity of the youth and economic development of the African continent.

“We see California as the American most populous state and the World’s sixth largest economy.We can’t just sit back at home to see our people suffering. We must reach out to the super economies like you”.

“Africa is greatly endowed with potentials, Nigeria is the nucleus of the continent while Yoruba region is the economic center of Nigeria and as the Spiritual leader of Yorubaland, I have decided to mobilise my brother kings for an economic revolution that will meaningfully utilize our untapped resources especially human capital”.

“There is a  paradigm shift in Africa and Nigeria being the most populous if we don’t get it right, the entire Africa may not get it right”.

“That’s why we have come here to seek your collaboration in helping our teeming population most of whom are youths capable of being great human capital assets if well productively empowered through Agriculture, Science and technology so that their generation will not be wasted”.

“The government is there on our behalf and we support them”

“We have bountiful natural resources that we can bring to the table to benefit CA for a mutual benefit relationship, we grow so many things that are not here and we want to focus on organic products” Ooni explained.

The Silicon Valley business session was on Wednesday 15th November 2017 followed by a Business Round Table With Ooni organized by HAPA Awards Group at Woodland Hills, CA anchored by John Lasko.

Also at the Bank of America (Merrill Lynch) on Friday, the Ooni received an Executive of Merrill Lynch; which is a subsidiary of Bank of America and one of the biggest wealth management firms in the world wanted the bank to always make African African friendly policies.

The king who was officially introduced by Mr Tosin Abraham Carons, a Nigerian who works with the bank as a financial advisor expressed great delight for the top notching roles the black people play in the Management of the Merrill Lynch organization.

“While you  are here, please remember your fellow Africans who also have the potentials but no opportunity.

Am so happy to be here and am particular delighted that you can be occupying such an exalted position at this world renowned big financial institution.

I can see in you the joy of origination which is the greatest joy. When you get connected to your root from where you have been disconnected long ago, it is naturally a day of great joy”. Ooni said.

Abraham Carons in his emotional speech said the visit of Ooni is a major impact in his life as he truly felt spiritually connected with the home continent Africa. He told the monarch that apart from him, there are also several other black Americans, Africans and Nigerians working with the bank. He promised to always make the Nigeria and African people proud.

“Your Majesty, you got, you really got it, I can’t even tell you the emotions passing through us right now, it is a  great spiritual connection with our ancestral home. We love you for your selfless service of connecting the mother continent Africa to the African Americans and other black people around the world”. Abraham Carons said.